Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Be In Control

Hi everyone.

So here I am spending a week away from home though I can also call this place right where I am now, a home too.

I came here last weekend and after seeing to some family commitments I decided to stay on hoping to break away from the everyday routine. But then what difference can there be because living means you got to do the same things to maintain life, eat sleep eat.

Of course if you are staying alone you are free to do things and not be dictated by obligations to others such as that for lunch together you have to have rice and curry or masak lemak. In this situation now I can have cakes for lunch why not or just a boiled egg for dinner. For breakfast I can just steam a few florets of broccoli.

That makes everything fast and easy. No fuss what so ever.

Then I am free to spend time as much as I like on blogging  but the irony is that the more time I have the more empty the head is. Its been three days now but I have not composed a single entry. Hope to finish this one fast.

Well staying in the house spending time watching tv drama ( I never do that back at home) is so much sedentary and a waste of precious time.

To go and hike at the parks and hill nearby this area I think I am too old for that.

That left me with walking and dancing exercise. It can be boring if you are not in the mood. And I am away from tennis court too for this whole week.

I thought of going to the swimming pool which is some kilo meters away from where I am staying. I need to drive there myself but this place is quite unfamiliar to me. No I don't have waze or if there's any road pointing apps and devices I don't know how to use them. I am old  and old fashioned and not up to date with the technology.

But going there I must. I want to swim in that big pool so that I can burn off some of the fats from food that I have indulged in these few days. At times you cannot keep up to your diet program when you happen to pass by certain food outlet selling the familiar finger licking good fried chicken. The temptation is too great. After refraining for so long the chicken tasted really good. Alas it is loaded with so much calories.

Excuse me. . . I am preparing to go now , when I come back I will tell you whether or not I can find my way there. If I find my way there can I find my way back hahaha. Bye for a while.


Hahaha I am back. I managed to reach there quite easily but I have to grope for my way back. It has been  a long time that I didn't drive in big towns or cities so I feel intimidated by the heavy traffic and feel lost in the labyrinth of the city routes.  Am I such a country bumpkin . . .

I get jittery when driving on unfamiliar route. Usually I will look up the route map first but still I tend to swerve the wrong way at the Y and the fork junctions. And when the wrong lane is taken there is no simple way like a u-turn.You got to go down and under and sometimes through tunnel to be on the correct route again. If you have an important appointment it can give you cold sweats.

When you become a grandma  people think you are incapable of driving around yourself though they are still confident with your cooking. I like to be self reliant like driving myself where ever I want to go.

And of course I love driving on the highway . . . it makes you feel young . . . hmm.

Now most of the time I only become the passenger or the navigator in the sense that I got to squeeze my eyes to read the road signs when required or sometimes got to help point the smart tag at toll plazas.

Or else I sit dumb and enjoy the beautiful scenery if the weather is fine. If its raining don't be worried just try to shut off.

I need to drive more often not only on the road of my rural home town but in big towns and cities and on highways so that I can get back my confidence in driving.

My week-long stay here would give me the opportunity to drive around in the city. Why would I be wary of losing my way. Just drive ahead. Just take any turn, climb confidently at the ramp. Just don't drive backwards . . .

Get back that confidence. Be self reliant. Don't let myself be categorized  . . . "Ah women drivers . . ."

Be in control, drive your own life.

Bye . . .


  1. If Mrs. A staying alone sure marathon KDrama punya hiks!

    Nice view.

    Yess!!! don't let ourself be categorized... "ah! women drivers" change it to "WOW! women drivers"

  2. Zoom through from city to highway driving . . . under the beautiful Malaysian sky . . . yes!