Saturday, 16 September 2017

Morning Walk

Hi again

In a day or two I got to pack. Am going home.

I don't really have to do much packing. I am going to leave most of my clothing here. The next time when I have to come I would just bring myself . . . and only those gadgets which I can't do without for my hobby activities. And of course some cooked food that can last me for few days.

I also must do some washing and cleaning and clearing up before leaving. The beds, the seats and sofa have got to be draped over with cloth to prevent dust from settling on them. Dust will settle all over the place You will notice that when you enter the house again weeks or months later. Powdery black soot would stick to the soles of your feet as you walk in. That is how polluted the air has become.

But before doing all that cleaning I want to go for a morning walk where I can revisit the lake birds first.

Hmmm  . . .  overcast sky again this morning . . .  it was still alright to go out for a walk around the neighborhood and the nearby housing area which is next to the lake where the birds live. The day would clear up later. I was optimistic.

I like the houses there. Big and spacious. Built for the rich.  I don't have a million to own one. So I just admire them.

Some houses face the lake. Trees with sweet smelling flowers line both sides of the path which separate the houses from the lake front. Shady and cool.

The view from the house must be awesome. Serene and calm with birds and trees mirrored in the water.

It is a beautiful setting except may be for some who are superstitious as the creature below can be a spoiler.

Very quiet morning indeed. Very few people walk this path.

 Are they not appreciative of the nature here? May be they have better things to do. Perhaps when they grow older and have to race against time do they realize and yearn  for serenity such as this.

White lotus
Weeping willows with drooping leaves. Are they sad . . .?
As mentioned earlier my coming to this place was to revisit the birds. Yes there were birds but their number has dwindled I think. Just one or two here and there. You know they were much less because there were not much sound coming from the trees and undergrowth on the small island.

Why . . .

I think there is not much food they can find there. The water has become dirty and polluted and there would be less fish breeding there. So the birds must have gone to settle some where else - exactly like we humans attracted to greener pastures . . .

A bird here
And a bird there
A few here lamenting over their fate
I hope the the authorities will pay more attention to this place. It should be maintained and preserved and reverse it to its pristine condition.

I finished my morning walk as the day remained gloomy.