Friday, 8 September 2017

Of Old Trees And Dead Wood

Hello everyone

Please no I am not talking bad about people, I mean if you look at the title you might think I am on to belittle some people. But it is real that some people are being called dead wood for a reason.

I remember in my old working days very senior non performing unproductive staffs were quietly called dead wood by unhappy and annoyed co workers.

Those sly few were highly paid but they seemed not to contribute proportionately. They were only counting their days to retirement. At critical time they were not of much help. They remained cool and aloof even if the sky were to fall. They just stood there like a dead wood and looked on with no heart to help . They cunningly escaped doing difficult task by pushing it to more junior staffs. They were burdensome to colleagues and management.

Hope I was not included in that category hehe.

As I said those kind were few. In fact some  senior staffs were like old/matured trees giving shade to whoever happened to be under them. Some were so good and guiding that they seemed like having mentor mentee relationship, this helped a lot when the newly appointed was not quite independent yet. Managing and working together with such colleagues you don't feel so much the heat of the high - pressure working condition.

Anyway those were the days. Its just that sometimes when you are alone you tend to have flashbacks. Or sometimes when you see certain objects like dead wood it spurs you to think about its other meaning. Wandering mind can make you look at things far and beyond.

Are dead wood useful?

In the old days dead wood were used as firewood, as if you don't know.

Dead wood if they are not rotten can be crafted into artwork or mementos. On my many walks along the beach I find many dead wood drifted to the shore. They are of different forms and shapes and I think  it can be turned into interesting craft pieces. Alas I am not good at craft work. Otherwise I could set up a stall selling souvenir to you.

Some trees although already dead still stand tall. Birds like such bare trees especially in the morning after the night rain when they want exposure to the sun. This is good for you the bird watcher . No foliage to block your view.

Birds like bare dead tree
Old trees soon becomes dead wood.

Skin Bark - rough n wrinkled

Trees, they can live for so many years. Those who planted them have long gone. It is common to hear people say you plant the tree but other people will eat the fruits.

Amazed by their gigantic size, the strong roots,the massive trunks and the huge canopy we want to let the trees be there to cool us to protect us from the heat and not forgetting the oxygen they supply. And you wonder why would anyone want to fell it, the big tree.

Old big tree gives shade

Some trees look ok from the outside but see the stump below. Dangerous if not cut down in time.

The tree that gave shade to our tennis court was felled recently

The rot inside
This tree which was chopped down was our favorite. Because it was there we could start our game early. It protected us from the strong evening sun. It reduced the glare so that we could play in comfort. We love the trees around the tennis courts. We did not realize the danger posed by that big old tree. Are they going to replant?

No worries there are so many other trees around. We still have shade such as from another big tree like this where birds like to perch.

Shadow play . . .

Old trees and dead wood, meant literally, are there in nature for a purpose.

Till next entry, bye . . .


  1. Not all dead woods are bad some supply oxygen. I'll be one of them later. Dpt gaji free.

  2. Dead trees.. They might not be as useful as they're alive, but maybe it's just the matter of time of how long they could endure themselves to serve others.. Right..?

    1. Dead trees are useful as walkways over muddy ground.