Saturday, 24 September 2016

Spent So Much (Time) For The Dollarbird

Hello all

I am not really a serious hobbyist. 

Bird watching that I do is actually more to fulfill my interest in photography. I like to take pictures. May be it is the influence from my working life. My duty, in lay man's term, was to tangkap gambar. But I must state here that they were different kind of pictures altogether.

Everyday then it was a challenge for me to produce good images no matter how uncooperative the subject was. I cringed everytime when being chided.  

Birds are uncooperative too.

If I get badly blurred picture I just delete. No one to answer to but then I want to produce the best for my blog readers. 

Since I am not that serious then I should not be so bothered of any shortcomings but then you know I do. I am feeling that I have not made any progress. Frustrating. I am only getting pictures of the same species of birds. The pictures too are far from perfect.

Should I spend more and go places and get to see more.

Should I spend more for better birding equiptment?

$  $  $ 

Mmmm . . .

I think bird watching can make one learns to be more patient. You stay there hiding and keep looking up to the sky. You spot a bird flying and hope, and hope that it will land on some bare tree . . .ah . . . instead the bird disappeared behind the thick leaves. And you say to yourself there will be another bird coming.  

Yes there it comes perches on that trunk. As you prepare to shoot it flies off. And you wait and wait and hope for another one . . . .

At last you say to yourself what a waste of your time . . .There is a limit to everything . . .

You are disappointed. But as you are about to go away you caught a glimpse of blue on that very trunk you were focussing just now. 

You get excited all over again . . . 

Nah after spending so much time . . .gotcha!

Beautiful bird

The bird refused to turn . . .
Turned for lateral view
The bird remain perched on the branch motionless ( so it is quite cooperative eh ) except for the head slightly turning right and left. I was hoping for it to turn and face the camera but after a while it just flew off. ( If I can give instructions in bird language it may obey ha haa)

 That accounts for the almost same position captured. I like that blue patch at the front of the neck.

Acording to one article I read it is not easy to meet up with this bird. Considered rare then?  

Well I hope you like these pictures. 

Happy birding ( to whom it may concerned) and happy reading. 

Bye . . .

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  1. Saya menulis beginilah ye. Saya anggap hobi anda yang suka ambil gambar tu mcm hobi saya yang suka menulis juga. Kadang kadang kita dapat hasil yang baik dalam penulisan atau penggambaran kita tetapi kadang kadang ia tidak berlaku. Ia adalah perkara biasa (bagi saya) jika perkara tu berlaku. Apa yang penting, kita perlu buat setiap hari hobi kita tu agar kita akan bertambah mahir. Semoga anda terus berjaya dengan hobi anda yang suka mengambil gambar itu. Aminnn