Friday, 9 September 2016

Moody Mynah

Hello again

A friend called yesterday asking whether I would be interested to join a breakfast outing today . I declined because I was not in the mood. There are loads work in the house which I kept procrastinating. And I determined to accomplish them on the next day.

After the morning personal routine

Load the washing machine

Take a small breakfast

Exercise - line dance- about thirty minutes

Sweep the compound -water the plants - watch bird-take photo

Washing completed - dry the clothes

Continue watch for birds

Anybody there?

Take bath

Second breakfast mid morning ha haa


Clean up kitchen

Rain - run outside- pull the cloth line into the shade

Vacuum and mop the two rooms upstairs

Had lunch wash up



Had tea nescafe actually, to boost for next event

Play tennis - some excitement for the day

I don't know whether my partner and opponents were annoyed at me or not today. I used the underhand serve. The ball went slow and floating making them hesitate on the return of serve. They were tempted to smash down and oh it went into the net many many times. Sorry. Sorry.

It was not my strategy or anything planned.. My upper arm gets excruciating pain when I do the overhead serve. I am still having this problem on and off.

But then when you play you want to win. They soon started to lob the ball to me. Ah . . .

Whatever . . .real tennis or not we seemed to enjoy . . .

Night came


Then blogging ah this post . . .

Lets see  the photos I got this morning

Just the ordinary. Always around but today I could see only one perched on the fence. It seemed like asking to be photographed. Quiet and kind of moody.

Thank you
Thank you

Thank you for reading.

Bye . . .

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