Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Clean Up And Waste Not

Hi everyone

It is now in the news . Health alert. The zika virus has reached our shore. We already have aedes mosquitoes in our country so the more we should be wary. Prevention is the the answer since zika has no cure. The authorities has warned that we should clean and clear up leaving no place for the mosquito to breed.

Manage your waste!

Rubbish strewn by monkeys and stray dogs and cats and water collected among the garbage is quite a common sight in the neighbourhood despite the regular garbage collection by the authorities. Especially the wild monkeys when they go on a rampage not only they overturn the garbage bins but they also destroy whatever is in their path leaving trails of waste.

So much garbage and waste. Every where.

We humans are the biggest generator of rubbish. But we can't help it. Whatever we need or whatever we consume there must be residue or refuse. For example when we need something we buy it and it comes in a package. We take the item we throw away the box. When we eat fruits we throw away the peels and the seeds.

Take some throw some

Sometimes the item is small compared to the things to be thrown away. Don't know how long these unwanted things take to disintegrate. Some like plastics will take a thousand years.

Consider how much rubbish we make during the fruit season . . .so little of the edible part compared to parts that are to be discarded.

The rambutans and dukong nice to eat but there are so much skin and seeds. Though biodegradable it takes time to breakdown and if not properly disposed it can collect water and becomes good ground for the mosquitoes.

Of course not on the table

And the cempedak. We only can have some flesh the rest have to be discarded.

Not much isi but a lot uneatable part
And worse of all it is this. But we all love this fruit. We don't care the spikes. We struggle to prise open the tough housing to get to the inside. Its so little but never mind. We want that beautiful delicious flesh inside. Then throw away the rest.

Take just a little 
Worthless and unwanted

Is it any wonder why we have so much garbage?

Fruit in season
A happy time for them
Bird not interested

Always for fresh, clean and safe enviroment . . .

Bye now . . .

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