Friday, 29 March 2019

Basking In The Sun

Hi everybody

I am into the end of my second week here. When I get back I got stories to share with friends and give excuses over my disappearance for that is what we used to do when anyone of us absents from the tennis courts for many days. We have less and fewer tennis kakis nowadays. Your coming back is always delightfully welcomed. 

Today I woke up early to put the clothes to dry because the weather is changing, I must not miss the morning sun. Rain might come in the afternoon. It is easy if we have a dryer like before, no need to chase after the sunshine. They have left the dryer in their former house which has been rented out. But then the electric dryer consumes a lot of electricity. Better to wait for the sun and save some money :)

Made breakfast for Adelia. She wanted a scrambled egg to put on the bread slice which is then folded the way she wants. Got to follow her whims as she is quite a poor eater. It takes some tricks to make her eat properly. 

Then coax her to have her hair cut. The fringe is getting into her eyes. The back part is long and getting into the collar of her kindergarten uniform and looking untidy and easily makes her feel irritated. It takes me some time to convince her and of course, me her hair stylist has to agree to her terms.

Today she wants to open my laptop to see the pictures there. Okay, here see this bird, the heron basking in the sun.

Captured this picture of a sunning bird in one morning. 

It was resting on a mangrove tree at the edge of the water.  If it hadn't move I would not have realized that it was there.

Suddenly there appeared another bird or was it the same bird?

Sometimes a branch might be mistaken for a creature.

Due to its color, the bird which was resting on the tangled roots of the mangrove appeared blended with the surrounding vegetation and not easily detected if there is no movement at all.

These pictures were taken a few days before me coming here.

Adelia likes this bird picture, hope you like it too.



  1. Have a productive weekend ahead!

  2. Replies
    1. Burung pucung, ya, saya jumpa di persisiran pantai.

  3. You're such a nice grandmum!
    I do always enjoy pictures of the birds that you shared! Thanks!

    1. Being a grandmum is fun :))

      Taking bird pictures depends on luck. Sometimes it fly off just before you click.

  4. still can't find the bird on the last pic.

    1. There is no bird in the last picture, it flew off but I still clicked the exposure button because I thought I saw a baby croc :))

  5. Sometimes I wonder if the birds were just sleeping when they are not moving. Do they sleep at all? Anyway, have a another wonderful day! Enjoyed looking at the bird photos!! Thank you.

    1. I thought so too but a slight disturbance it will fly off at lighning speed.

  6. Kena learn a few tricks from Aunty cos we also have a poor eater here. Worry that thr little sister will overtake the brother soon in height.
    Lovely pictures bird in mangrove tree settings.