Monday, 25 March 2019

A Changing Routine A Different Scenerio

Hi friends,

This is about a changing scene for me.

From this

to this

Yes, I am away from home again. And changing routine.

In the morning send Adelia to the kindergarten. At 5 fetch her back. Done this for the last five days and perhaps for many more days to come. Oh, ya. Next week is a school holiday. Looks like this holiday she will have to stay home. 

Adelia on holiday 

Adelia's kindergarten is outside the condo complex itself but it is just a 5-minute walk from the main gate. So it is better to walk than to drive. I feel a little cumbersome at first of locking and unlocking doors and of swiping card at access control, gate or entrance. Hey, I am not very familiar with this place. Looks like Adelia is a little insecure and less confident having me instead of her own mother to chaperone her. She may sense the unsteadiness and blur in me hehe.

Outside the condo complex, the road is congested with traffics and the roadside, every inch of it is occupied by parked cars. This area is so overcrowded. This is definitely not a prime location but then where in this city is not crowded?

After sending Adelia its time for some exercise. Three or four rounds of brisk walking around the multi-storey building are enough to bring out quite a lot of sweat. As I walk a steady flow of cars, one after another whizzed past, the morning rush to the office. By the time I make the third or fourth round the place would be empty and quiet except for some maintenance workers and guards.

The rest of the people here must be holed up in their own units.

Back in our unit, there's nothing much to do. No garden to water. No plants to prune. No dried leaves to rake.

The balcony is empty, Adelia's mini garden has perished. If I have to stay longer here I would start for them a balcony garden.

Nothing much to cook. Here they used to order food for dinner even for lunch on the weekend. So here I cook on the minimum. Yaey!.

Life here is a yawn but it's ok, just a little sacrifice on my part. It is for the sake of a newcomer expected to arrive very soon. 

Of course, I miss my place, my morning walk, my tennis game but then family love surpasses everything else . . .

Ok friends, till next entry.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Especially love the third picture with your granddaughter, Adelia in it.
    Ha ha, life in a city is like that. Looks like you are fast adapting to your new environment.

  2. Thanks.
    Am so used to the slow pace of life far from the city.

  3. Welcome to city life! Enjoy the many inconveniences and also the convenient ones ;)

    1. Got overwhelmed by the fast-paced city life!

  4. Hehehehe.... sekali sekala kan berkorban routine :-)