Friday, 2 December 2016

The Hundredth Post

Dear readers

Together with this post my blog entries has come up to one hundred.

No I did not count it but blogger counts it for me. On the blogger dashboard everything is laid out for me to see. It is so well organised it makes my life easy. I only need to keep on writing and posting.

According to the chart I have readers. Definitely not all are phantoms. There are real readers too.

I don't really make efforts to share my blogposts since I don't have a facebook or a twitter account let alone the others like instagram. Thus the ninety nine entries are read by not that many people.

I am such a dreamer and hope that somehow this blog one day will find its way into many hearts.

I am trying hard to compose better entry each time. In the beginning I took so much time to complete a single post. As time goes on I find it a lot easier. As usual for me the beginning is the hardest.

For sure I don't write anything heavy and serious or taunting as my intention is to make this blog for easy and light readings. Something which can make you smile.

Its just that like in the real world you chat and tell stories jokes and such to whoever enjoy listening. I don't call out hey come listen to me about my nothing stories. If my stories entertain they will listen. Of course I do sometimes start the coversation first. Most people are polite.

Ideas to write don't come easy all the time.

There are everyday happenings and things around me that can be the subject of my writing. Sometimes telling about an incident can be written in one or two lines. One or a two line posting how entertaining can that be? Better not post anything at all.

Sometimes happenings are not worth or not right to be exposed. Some thoughts are better to be kept within your mind. Some photos are best to be kept private.

Images can spark ideas to write because as they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

I find it quite difficult to choose from the hundreds (reaching thousand?) of pictures and I am still taking more pictures hehe Which picture is best photographically, relevent or not and sometime thinking too much over it can stunt an entry.

I can get stuck.

Ideally I want the title, the narative and the picture supports each other in not so obvious way but subtle and metaphorical. It is quite difficult to turn or to twist or to spin words. So you see most of my post are straight forward type of narration. Dream of becoming a real writer haha.

It happens sometimes the entry when completed swerved from my intention. I blame my rambling tendency. Then I have got to redo, rearrange paragraphs and change the words and choose different images to make the whole entry more cohesive. Now I regret for not taking literature lesson seriously when in school ha ha.

Before I started writing this post I spent some time reading the previous posts though not all. I cringed at some and felt like taking them down editing them and republish. There are some which I could have said in another way which can be better. Some pictures should be replaced by different pictures which are more appropriate. And grammer mistakes! And spelling mistakes!

But I decide to leave it as it is, flaws and all. My all sincerity! I am just a humble writer still learning. Ah please don't tell me to just go and jaga cucu.

Anyway as I come to this hundredth post I am quite satisfied. When I started this blog I thought I won't last to even a month with one or two posts. I have put in one hundred and intend to continue. Must pat my back myself hehe.

And so I can say I am still . . . the swim . . .

Ahhh . . .

We'll meet in next entry.

Bye . . .


  1. Firstly, I want to tell you that your writing is very good. You are not blogger but you are essay writer. Your writing is more like famous literary figure in the world. Your essay just not show the fact but also show the narrative of a story. Not everyone can write like you even me in bahasa Melayu. You must continue write because your writing is very interesting.

    To famous your blog, you must always do blogwalking. Do not be like me haha. You also can ping your entry blog at and to attract many people to reading your blog. I hope your entry blog will be made into book by famous publisher.

    1. I don't think i deserve the compliment you put forth anyway thanks.

      Thanks also for the advice.