Wednesday, 7 November 2018

My Faithful Anthurium


If for some reasons you are locked out of your house do not panic. Take a screwdriver or a wire,  jiggle it in the keyhole and you might get to enter the house. If not successful don't get annoyed. Console yourself by browsing your garden plants while you wait for someone to come to the rescue.

I was in that situation the other day. I occupied the time and comfort myself by tending to my anthurium plants.

Yes . . . these plants have been with me for many years already. They are just ordinary old fashion anthurium plants with pink flowers. Though the picture above looks more red than pink in reality it is actually pink. As it ages it faded and striated. I know there are other types which have more exotic flowers. I have none of those.

I grow the anthuriums in medium and small clay or terracotta flower pots. Some of the plants have overgrown the pots. Their roots have found ways to the outside soil because all the pots are placed directly on the ground. Looks like my plants have too many leaves ya. Green and waxy.

A group of anthurium here

Another group of anthurium here and  more plants in the background 
Mine grow quite well even without me fussing over it. On some days I forgot to water it, sometimes I have other priorities when coming back late from tennis, after sunset sometimes. So sorry,  my plants. No time.

You see the plants are quite neglected. But they continue to grow and faithfully bloom throughout the years. They never fail to give me a few cut flowers whenever I need it for my vase. And they have long lasting vase life. Though the flowers do not bloom to the max in terms of size its okay for me.

The flower has aged, the spike has become green

The flowers are actually not that many but they are always there and remain in bloom for weeks on the plants. Spots of open heart-shaped bright pink here and there give a little color to my humble garden. The natural position of the flower on the plant is like a welcoming pose. It is as if greeting you on your arrival.

And rightly so the anthurium flower is regarded as the symbol of hospitality

The anthurium is a simple flower nevertheless it brings joy and happiness to the grower. Grow some in your garden.



  1. walaupun sangat simple tapi tetap menarik dan cantik

  2. That's a pretty spot! How lovely are all your anthuriums. Mine has shrunk in size :(

    1. Thanks.
      Yours has shrunk? I think they yearn for your attention:)

  3. How can anyone not love them? They are so lovely!

    1. Yes but sometimes they are overwhelm by the leaves.

  4. Saya dah habis langsung pokok ni. Dulu kala ada banyak color.

    1. Sayangkan sebab bermacam kolor ada.
      Bunga nya long lasting itu yang saya suka.

  5. How beautiful Tangan sejuk2 no tanam semua menjadi