Monday, 9 October 2017

Way to Happiness

Hi Everyone

I have just finished reading a blog article here about ways and how to make yourself happy, satisfied and feel contented with your life.

Not that I am desperately finding a way to happiness that I had to read that article to guide me but then it was worth reading simply because it was there for me to read. And the article mostly concur with the way I think about the state of being happy but I do not totally agree on the ways to seeking happiness it proposes.

I find it can be amusing to add arguments to the idea, agreeing and countering what is put forward by the writer. If I were to have friends here with me surely we would have a lively and humorous discussion that will have us in stitches, knowing there are some jokers among us, and babble away to no end.  Since I don't have anybody to chat and to laugh with so I just quietly write.

The article says some people need considerable material possessions and the presence of other individuals to make them happy which is wrong, though for each person happiness and contentment is subjective.

By right, it says, the power or the will to seek happiness is within oneself and many people overlook that fact. If you know the way you don't need to have much money or need others to help make yourself happy.

The article then goes on to share five ways to finding happiness.

The first is it suggests you to allocate more time to yourself. In short it says in the past you might be bogged down by work and you are also so worried about the future which makes you feel that you have missed on something in life. Try doing what you have never done before like watching the movie alone in an empty cinema (what a weird  person), which can bring forth the feel-good factor in you.

I agree, but not sitting alone in the cinema he he. Experience something out of the ordinary, like joining a fun run, can make your day.

Secondly according to the article is to talk good and praise yourself.

Not to the extent of glorifying yourself, I hope.

It says praise yourself every morning, think about your pluses and also some minus to gauge your self-worth. That way you can improve your self esteem and hence become  more cheerful.

Hey hey hey no. You may terlajak thinking that you are so good and clever and terus become delusional, be very careful . . .

I think the author means that you shouldn't be like a peacock if you are not. Peacock has beautiful feathers so it doesn't matter for it to strut around to show off and be proud and feel good about itself.

I think he means you be honest with yourself just like the kingfisher below, if she feels the blue is beautiful, though  not as beautiful as the peacock's why not spread the wings out and feel good about it too.

The third way is to pamper yourself.  It suggests that you dress up and be smart and polished even though you are not going anywhere or attending any function. Do not be stingy to have yourself pampered at the salon.

Do the dressing up and apply make up everyday so that it can become a habit and you will feel nice about yourself as now you have good image at all times.

Ahh all dressed up and nowhere to go ?. . . What a disappointment.

And for the housewife when all dressed up they are happy to sit pretty only. Why spoil the make up and the nice dress toiling in the kitchen. Pay the amah to do the cleaning and washing up in the kitchen. The husband may not be happy ha ha.

And when the men are smartly dressed up and look handsome . . . your guess is as good as mine. Of course he feels happy getting all the attention . . . ahem.

The article says dressing for yourself ok.

Well back to the article.

The fourth way is give yourself a treat. Eat out at your favorite eatery. When your tummy is happy you are happy too, it says.

I think everyone will agree with this one. The only drawback is that when you are happy you tend to forget the amount of food that goes into your stomach . . . and when it is over you may not feel happy after all . . .

The fifth and the last recommendation given to make you feel happy is that you go on a holiday no matter where the destination. Take a few days be away so that you can be relaxed, mind and body. Do not think that you need many days and a big budget to have a holiday . A short  holiday at  nearby places will save you from spending much and of course from the hassles and haste of travelling far.
Travel far if you have the budget and if you think it can make you happy . . .

(Experienced traveler can identify the famous places pictured below)

But small budget cause less headache and you remain happy longer, right? So consider the the advice in the article that you can opt to go to nearby places for your holiday.

If you insist on going to the first world country you can see happy people but you might not be the happy ones . . . this I say . . .

Go around take pictures and be happy
Feel happy gazing at the moon, just go KLCC at night.
Reading lighthearted material itself can make you happy. But real happiness takes more than that . And whose wise words are these? Shakespeare's ?

"I always feel happy
You know why?
Because I don't expect
anything from anyone!
Expectations always hurt.
Life is short . . .
Be happy . . .
And keep smiling . . .
That's life . . .
Feel it, Live it, Love it and
Enjoy it !"

Cheers . . .

Bye . . .


  1. as long as saya tak menyakiti orang lain..saya rasa happy. Happy for who i am.

  2. 1. Quite disagree to give more time to me
    2. Disagree to puji myself

    But i belum baca that article and will read it later.