Wednesday, 4 October 2017

A Tree In The Sea

I am a tree at the water edge
My roots hold tight to the cobbled beach
The trunk pushes high with spreading foliage
Which sway and rhyme with the gentle breeze

In solitude here I stay
A stopover for birds in the day
To take a breather and have their say
Then off they go flocking away 

I am a tree and here I grow 
I stand in the way of the water flow
With gentle ripples and the surface shine
Holding onto memories in your mind

The wind blowing
The waves roaring
As the tide is rising
And part of me submerging
In hiding

I am a tree in the sea
When tide is low you will see all of me.


  1. very nicely written. is this what we called limerick?

    you must be pokok bakau. can see everything when the tide is low.

    1. Thanks.
      Not really a limerick poem coz it doesn't satisfy the condition i think. Its just some sing song words for the tree.
      This tree looks different from other bakaus.

  2. Yes. Thanks.
    Thanks for reading my blog.