Friday, 18 May 2018

When Things Are Scarce

Hi everyone,

The mulberry tree in my compound is already old. It is now not producing as many fruits as before. Yet many birds still come for the berries especially the blackbirds with the glossy feathers and the red eyes.

In a time when there are lots of fruits, small blackbirds, fly in, pick and eat the berries quietly and then they go. Now that there are fewer fruits they are quite noisy and seen pecking and shoving each other.

But these two bigger birds (male koels?) caught my attention by their super loud aggressive cry. I saw them chasing each other among the mulberry branches and ended up on the gaharu tree where their behaviour became more intense. Surely they couldn't be just fooling around . . .

By the look of it, I think they were duelling. And whatever for, of course, I don't know. Can't understand their language. My guess, they were fighting for the territory (the mulberry tree, I mean). When food is scarce they become more territorial perhaps.

And the winner is . . .

When things are scarce . . . the effect is the same as in our human life. Don't you agree . . .

Till next entry, bye . . .


  1. I do love to watch birds but I have never really studied about them. You could be right. They did seem to be fighting though I hope they were just playing actually. I agree that it does reflect some human beings but not all, hopefully. Hope good education would prevent such an act.

    1. Yeah let's hope we don't become like angry birds :))

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  3. Mereka gaduh ke? Ingatkan berborak jer...

  4. sort of protesting about the shortage of berries