Thursday, 12 July 2018

The Real and The Fake

The fresh ones, soft-feel to the touch. The petals flutter as the wind gust through. Romantic and full of life. But in days to come, they will be gone. Wilted and fallen to the ground. No one will pay attention to them anymore. 
Nonetheless, new blooms will appear . . .

They seem to make everybody happy with their everlasting perfection. But they give no feel when touched as they are lifeless. It is so very plastic as they stand there unaffected and motionless like some heartless being.

Nevertheless, fake is often the choice. It is fitting in well with today's life.


  1. Beautiful pictures! So well described; both the fresh and fake ones! The fake flowers do look beautiful, real and everlasting. No wonder some people go for them. But for me, I would only stick to the fresh ones as they are full of life!

  2. Yang fresh juga pilihan hati walau perlu sentiasa ditukar

  3. Living things are always welcome in any situation ;) Glad you like them.