Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Close To Nature


When I first mooted the idea of travelling on the Ets going up north, we really did not decide on a proper itinerary. We wanted a relaxed holiday and not be bound by any schedule and not be hurried by whatever. We just thought of sitting comfortably and sight seeing from the hop on hop off bus. Let the wheels of the bus do the walking . . .

It was after all a good thing that we hopped off at the butterfly farm a place that can bring you close to nature.

The Entopia butterfly farm in Penang is one place you should visit even though you are old. Do not think that such a place is just for kids. The many types of insects and other animals found here that would excite and stir up the sense of wonder in children could also stimulate the inexcitable minds of the old.

The place was so well planned that if you follow the meandering sloping up and down path you can never miss anything on show. Do not be intimidated by me mentioning sloping for it is at a very low inclination for easy walking .

If you are moderately fit you can cover the entire place in about two hours. If not you can choose a shady spot to stand and stare and feel closer to nature. Or sit on the seat provided and watch the flying colors.

There were a lot to see and browse it all depends on whether you can sustain your interest and appreciate things or not.

I was quite impressed with the place. I went there of course not to do something serious like a student of lepidopterology would.

I looked at the butterflies not with the eyes of a scientist nor with the eyes of an artist.Nevertheless I appreciate the intricate patterns and beautiful colouration on their wings.They remind me of my batik baju kurung hanging in my wardrobe.

Their images deserve  to be recorded so my zoom camera came in handy as the animals were small and at quite a distance.

Or you may pretend to have eyes of a poet and rhyme the butterflies in a line or two to post as a blog entry. How else do you want to celebrate nature if not with poetry ?

Though the main attraction is butterfly the place is host to many other classes of animals like the reptiles amphibians fish and birds and the various creepy crawlies.

Among the tourist there was a group of kids from an international school. Definitely those children were from some well heeled families who may have not been to an environment where lizards or leeches thrive. How they got really excited just looking at a bored tortoise.

Me an old adult who have gone through the rough and tumble of kampung life during her girlhood is proud to say that a frog or a tortoise was just a plaything. How about the snake haa?

Mmmm a snake . . .?

Always together inseparable

Butterflies feeding on pineapple slices

A frog which looks like  a leaf

The Mandarin duck doing a little stretching after bathing

As said above that we did not want to be hurried in anyway but somehow we had to heed as the bus has its schedule. And we still have to track the time . . .I wish I have my own tour bus . . .

Till the next entry . . .

Cheers . . .

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