Friday, 3 June 2016

Birds Always Look Good


In the span of time of bird watching I have never come across a fat bird. Well we can see fat cats fat dogs fat goats or fat cows and of course fat pigs. All birds look slim and light. They always look good.

The grounded birds like the chicken the hens the cock the ducks and the geese all look just right.

How nice to be like a bird always slim and light and just right.

Say whatever you want but all the time I want to look just nice just right, my weight just right to my height. Better still to be underweight because I don't have enough height (hehehe just say short!). In school I could never excell in athletics though I like it very much. Not tall enough for jumping events not light and fast enough for running events. Always eliminated in the earlier heats. So I watched from the side line. That being having a body built just not right ha ha.

Watch from the side line . . .

After having children my weight increased but not so much because few months after chilbirth I could get back into my old clothes. I could still wear the kebaya. So not to worry and I didn't care so much to watch my weight

As time passed my clothes were getting tight. From kebaya I opted for the loose baju kurung. Hmm.

Everything's ok my work was not the sedentary type. Involved a lot of walking and and sometimes got to carry heavy stuff.

Plus I got myself involved in sports and games. Quite serious as I played tennis regularly. Aerobic and line dance three times a week. And walking. And swimming. Was that not enough exercise?

Doughnut after exercise . . .

 I wonder why I still kept on getting fat with all that much exercises.

And of course my BMI is not at the desired number if I'm not careful I will cross over to OBESE category!

Dieting? Hmm susah . . .

Though I am not so obssessed with food I must confess that am a good eater. I like wrong food may be . I like roti canai, nasi lemak, curry and rendang and the like. 

And I love to bake.  My spouse never like those cakes and pastries. So I ended up eating the most after offering some to collegues.

I like to munch on snacks. The chips and the keropok and kerepek. Sometimes I couldn't stop the binge until I snap off and say enough to myself. STOP!

No surprise that I was "spreading".

Many times I tried to diet. Always not successful.

After a month or two of dieting when I did not see results I gave up. And started to eat as usual. Why? Because I am the cook. The food is always there right in front. It takes a great deal of will power not to touch it.

What scared me is my cholesterol number. HIGH.

Somehow I have to try to lose some weight.

Exercise more !

Go on diet!

That one time I was really determined.

My meal consisted of very little rice and a lot of fresh green leafy vege. Eat like a goat.

For breakfast its boiled eggs.

Munching in between meals its fresh carrots .

Drank a lot of water.

Sometimes I cannot hold back the urge to snack on sweet rich food. What did I do?

Chewing and spitting!

Take the taste throw away the calories. I know its a sin to waste but what can I do. This way is not as bad as provoking to vomit after swallowing, right?

After two months I felt lighter though on the scale it didn't show much difference. My tummy felt flatter and I could sleep face up more comfortably than before.

The chewing and spitting was really effective. But please don't do that. It seems that when food is being chewed in the mouth the stomach is already secreting the digestive juices. If no food goes to the stomach the juices secreted can harm the stomach lining. See our physiology is so efficient. If you interfere you suffer.

Now I try to maintain what I achieved by doubling my time for exercise. I think swimming is really doing me good. I have given up aerobics but I still do the line dance which is more gentle and give less pressure to the knees and feet. I will play tennis the game I love, until my body surrender here .

Now I don't eat like goat anymore though fresh vege and fruits are always on the table.

I bake less. I cook just enough.

But but I did not go to check my cholesterol level. I think I am alright.

Though I feel ok I still need to reduce my weight some more to bring down my triglycerides.

Now I have just started to take a supplement. It is supposed to help your body to burn the visceral fat. Those stubborn fat around the internal organs. I have to take this before doing exercises. So lets see in two months time how it goes.

Trying this . . .

Any free time I have I try not to just laze away the hours. Tinkering in the garden and do some casual bird watching would also help to burn away calories.

Just walk around and snap snap.

Hi . . .

Excuse me. . .

This takes some time . . .

Sometimes its not so easy . . .

I want to look good . . .

Collared kingfisher
Look just nice . . .

Collared kingfisher
And do I look just right. . .

Will end here hoping that you learn something from my experience.

Success to all weight watchers.

Till next entry . . .

Bye . . .

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