Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The Dark And Dusky #Hawk On The Roof


Woke up at the crack of dawn.

Oh why so early, is not at this hour the best time to sleep, at least for me, after fighting the insomnia earlier on in the night.

Well, there's the obligation to fullfill. Why I do it. No question. Just do it.

The thing that gets the angst out in me is the feeling that I am being monitored over this. Whereas the time to do this duty is not so fixed the pious are making themselves cleverer fixing things for other human beings. That I don't agree. Whatever I have to shut up.

But according to one article on sleep waking up early is good. Many reasons to it. You and me should know it too. Its just common sense though there are some scientific explanations which if I were to ponder over it will make me more difficult to sleep.

So I think I must make myself tired in the day by engaging in things I enjoy doing and avoid daylight sleeping so as to have a better sleep at night.

Or may be just have a nap say about twenty minutes in the afternoon as a friend suggested. Without rest fatique can set in.

Problem is the twenty minutes can progress to two hours or more complete with dreams. When awakened you are full of regrets and sigh over the wasted hours and easily get irritated when things go awry.

When things go awry . . .

Sleep was not a problem when  I was still working even though I frequently had my sleep interrupted.

My work involved me going on call after office hours every other week. Sometimes I was called up just as I was about to fall asleep.

At times I was not even alerted by a telephone call the transport was already outside my gate with the driver tapping on the horn. After an hour or two when the job was completed I could fall asleep while travelling back which was only a short distance.

If tired anyway anywhere you can sleep

Now in retirement there is supposed to be no pressure and no one is calling for me in the middle of the night and that I should be able to sleep well. But not really. Its my biology I think. Anyway it doesn't help by thinking too much about it . It is better to be involved in activities that we enjoy.  Get a little tired then perhaps a sound sleep in the night and get energised the next morning.

Sharing  pillow is not a problem when you are so very sleepy

And to keep active yesterday I went to play tennis although my arm was still a little sore from gardening and in the morning and the late evening before that I had photography session with this dark and dusky hawk.

See where it dared to perch. On the roof !

Watching the plane passing by

What's this

White feather jutting out from the
lower chest area

The white area on the chest - sorry for the poor quality picture - was taken previously at dusk

So sharp!

Standing on one leg ready to go

Back to its favourite tree

And perch there for some time.

And dozing off. . .(?)

Have a relaxing day . . .

bye . . .

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